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Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by Sam Hobbs, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. Prior to signing up today, I did research and had confirmation that it is possible to have multiple domains, each with separate websites (web applications). But now that I am trying to actually do it I do not see how. I do not see how to add another domain to my list of domains registered elsewhere. I saw articles like Looking to transfer a second site to winhost... | Winhost Community Forum but now I see that the KB article is gone or hopefully it does exist but the link is broken. Yet when I search for that title (or something close) I find nothing.

    So in the Domains tab of my Control Panel, how do I add a domain name to be hosted at Winhost but registered elsewhere? Or did I misunderstand about multiple domain names per account? I have purchased a Basic plan for now and I see nothing saying I cannot have multiple domain names (and corresponding sites) in the plan. I expect to upgrade to at least a Max once I confirm I can use this host.
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  3. I used chat to get details. It is not clear at all how to do it from that page (the sites page). From that page we need to go to the Site Manager for the site, we do not add the domain pointers to the sites page.

    Since I asked this in the pre-sales forum, in that context the answer is that it is possible to have additional domains in one account.
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  5. Okay I have my sites working now. I currently have two sites, each separate web site solutions in Visual Studio and I used Web Deploy to deploy each separately. In the root for my hosting plan I have nothing but a Web.config file and two sub-directories, one sub-directory for each of the two sites.

    I do not know why I ignored the Subdirectory and subdomain pointers with URL rewrite article except I would not have understood the relevance. For anyone in the future, the domain pointers in the control panel are probably necessary but the Subdirectory and subdomain pointers with URL rewrite article explains how to direct IIS to use the appropriate sub-directory.

    Years ago I researched hosting services that I could use Web Deply with. WinHost is nearly the only one I found other than Microsoft's. At the time a few things were not clear. I think the article above did not exist at the time. So when I did finally attempt to solve the problem of how to direct IIS to sub-directories for websites I searched these forums and found How to: Mulitple sites on one account | Winhost Community Forum but apparently the official KB article (as above) is better. There are big differences between the forum replies and the KB article. I intend to create a separate thread asking about those differences.

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