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  1. Is it possible to host multiple top-level domains on a Max plan?

    Duane Doutel
  2. Yes, it's possible (see this Knowledge Base article: How to host multiple domains in one account).

    It's worth noting though that the sites share resources when you do it that way. That can be an issue where memory is concerned (depending, of course, on what kind of sites they are).

    If you add the second domain as a new site, you get separate resources for the site.
  3. Hi Michael,

    Do you mean I should add the second domain as a second account if I wish to avoid sharing resources? What I was hoping to accomplish is to save a bit on two low-traffic sites by upgrading my account to a Max from Basic. There's really no savings to be had here, then?
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  4. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Right, you can run two sites in one plan but they will share the same resources - so there will be resource contention. But it depends on the site and activity whether the shared resources will be a bad experience for the user or not. In general, we would recommend to keep all sites isolated so they run with their own resources and avoid any resource contention. There is always a tradeoff - save some money with potential performance issues, or pay a little bit more and run isolated sites.
  5. Yup; got it. Thanks, Curtis. I'll need to arrange to have you guys help set up the site I'm transferring to you. I have zip files of both the site files and the site database. How do I arrange for this assistance?
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  6. Elshadriel

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  7. May I ask a related question? The issue of shared resources would be the same as for most other shared plans, such as GoDaddy, correct?
  8. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Shared resoruces is how most shared hosting works. But you can ask the host directly about how their hosting system is set up.

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