How to contact us for support

If you don't see an issue with your server in the outages and maintenance forum but are still experiencing problems, we suggest that you contact technical support.

Service-related issues

To open a helpdesk ticket for technical support or billing, log in to the support portal using your hosting account username and password. Once logged in, a "Submit a Ticket" icon will be available. You may also view open or previously resolved tickets by clicking the "View Tickets" icon.

Application or coding issues

If you have a question about applications, errors related to coding or anything else not directly related to the hosting service itself, please check the forum and Knowledge Base for solutions. To ask a question in the forum you will first need to register (or you can log in using your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ login). Your hosting account is not associated with the forum login.

We also provide some consulting and programming, application upgrading/installation services. If interested, contact our technical support team to determine if your needs are within the scope of our consulting services.
Jul 18, 2013
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