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  1. Well, WebHost4Life was bought out by giant host conglomerate Endurance. When Endurance buys a host they migrate all the accounts to their own platform.

    WebHost4Life was notorious for having an unmanageable mishmash of server configurations (because they would install almost anything a customer asked for, but they would install it only on that customer's server), so it didn't take much imagination to see that the migration to the Endurance platform would be painful for their customers.

    I know that WebHost4Life had their problems before the buyout, but those problems have really been magnified by the migration. Endurance migrations always generate user complaints. But that's not surprising considering the square peg/round hole situation that migration often creates.

    Endurance runs 25-30 hosting companies under different brands. They retain the brand name of every host they buy, so the majority of that host's customers never know they've been sold. They just think the company that they have been with has fallen apart and caused the service problems.
  2. Of course it does. But you realize we were talking about WebHost4Life and not Winhost, right?
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