WTH is this error?!

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  1. WTH is this nopCommerce error?!

    We're sorry, an internal error occurred that prevents the request to complete.

    Our supporting staff has been notified with this error and will address this issue shortly. We profusely apologize for the inconvenience and for any damage this may cause. You might want to try the same action at later time.

    This happens every time i try and do a simple process within the confines of my nopCommerce.

    This is my first day on this hosting and am curious if this is a regular occurrence? I have far too much to do to be "waiting til it's okay to save" and on top of that, losing pages of content each time it says, oops!!

    Any thoughts?
  2. Now within the application i'm getting this error....... i use this same tool on a different host and do not get these errors..... does anyone use nopCommerce here on this host? I hope ya might have some insight for me.

    Error! The requested URL did not return JSON
  3. within the server my application pool is recycling fairly often due to hitting the memory limit, which may be causing me to be logged out and have issues with the application.

    I would highly recommend moving your sessions to your SQL database, so even when the application goes over memory, you will not be logged out. You can do so by following the steps provided here:

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