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  1. Hi,

    I am coding all of the site in ASP and wanted to install a wordpress aspart of my blog.

    I installed Wordpress but at the moment it is coming up with a list of directories.

    I've been told that I need to create:

    web.config with the index.php default file configured

    BUT I would like this only for that perticular folder.

    eg sanjaypatel.co.uk/blog
    and the rest of the site to be default as index.asp wich it is at this moment.


    As you can see at this moment, it is not working, and even typing in sanjaypatel.co.uk/blog/index.php and then clicking on a link from there it still causes problems.

    Alternatively could anyone point me in the direction where I could possible start to create a blog via ASP

    Sorry for the long winded post.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Hello Sanjay,

    First off you can see all the files in your directory because you have directory browsing enabled, so I recommend disabling it through IIS. The following knowledge base article has more information on directory browsing:


    This also explains why if you visit the page directly and click on a link you are shown all the files within the directory.

    As for setting your page for your directory you can add the page to the default document list.

    Note: IIS will check this list in order from top to bottom so if you have another file in the same directory that is in the default document list it will display the page closest to the top of the list.


    Default Doc List:


    If you are trying to pull up the index.php file be sure that none of the other files above the php file are in the same directory. IIS will check this list on a per directory basis so no need to worry if someone visits a sub directory and you have one of the other files from the list on the root of your site.
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