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  1. I have a new installation of WordPress


    Everything seemed to go okay with the install, however, when I browse cymbaltrader.com, I see the directory and no WordPress.

    I'm thinking that my default.asp in my root is the problem.

    This is how I'm directing cymbaltrader.com to the a sub directory:

    ' ElseIf InStr( UCase(Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")), UCase("cymbaltrader.com") ) > 0 Then
    Response.Redirect("/blog") '
  2. This is actually because you have directory browsing enabled through your IIS7 manager. Please view our knowledge base article on how to disable this here
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  3. Thanks Many, I was looking for the IIs manager in ''site' and didn't realize I need the IIS7 manager. Now I'm wondering if I should do a new install of WP. I'm getting a redirect error:http://www.cymbaltrader.com/blog/index.php/wp-admin/install.php Doesn't resolve by clearing the cookies or cache.

    Thanks again, david
  4. Ray


    Yeah, for something like this I suggest you start from scratch reinstalling Wordpress.
  5. Wordpress edits a number of config files on install to include your install paths. It is very hard to move it after that. I agree with Ray, a reinstall is a better option.

    Alternatively, you could use URL Rewrite to point / to /blog, but you would have to do some good testing on your site to make sure it doesn't break anything - I can't recall off the top of my head what that might break.
  6. Minor tweak to make this work

    That article says:
    But I don't find anything like that in IIS7 Manager. I found a Directory Browsing item that specifies what to show in the listing (time, size, etc.) but no way to shut it off. It could be there and I am just going blind, but I solved the problem by highlighting the "wordpress" folder in the left pane, then double clicking the Default Document item and adding "index.php" then making it the top choice. That will filter down to the sub-folders.

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  7. Ray


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