Wordpress in my Asp.net site is showing error "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied..

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  1. In my website i created a folder in directory with name "Blog" and installed wordpress.

    so not url of my site is like ...com/blog/index.php but when ever i try to visit this index.php its showing error

    403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

    but i am able to see my dashboard com/blog/wp-admin/tools.php what should i do.
  2. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    What's the URL? Do you have an application above the /blog directory?
  3. ComputerMan

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    Try adding the default document of "index.php".

    You will need to use IIS Manager to create the default document. To learn how to connect to your site using IIS Manager read our knowledge base article here: https://support.Winhost.com/kb/a628/using-the-microsoft-iis-manager.aspx

    Once connected click on Default Document icon and click on "Add" under the actions panel. Then add "index.php" as the default document.
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