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  1. I am new to WordPress and frankly know why it does not work but don't know what to change to fix it. (I've intalled it 4 times now :))

    After installation, browser goes to http:\\www.mysite.com\blog\ (i am installing to a subfolder 'blog') What I see is the \blog file directory listing, instead of http:\www.mysite.com\blog\index.php. If I click the index.php file, the WordPress site displays ok.

    If I click another page, like 'Sample', again I get the \blog file directory listing instead of http:\\www.mysite.com\blog\index.php?page_id=2

    How do I change default page navigation to include 'index.php' in the hyperlinks?

    Same think happens in wp-admin area as well..
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    Follow the instructions in this blog to configure "index.php" as a Default Document:


    We're working on making some small adjustments in the App Installer tool so that "index.php" will load automatically for PHP based CMSes in the future.
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  3. Thanks very much. That was easy, and it seems to work now! Good to hear Winhost is adding to the App Installer. Sort of odd I couldn't find this in the KB ... Guess I didn't know to search on Default Document setup.

    Thanks again!
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