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  1. I am using wordpress and want to know if anyone has an idea of what to do,
    when a user registry an email is sent to the user with his password in it.

    So far I can see the user registry information but email is not been sent to them with the passwords.

    I have already set up my smarteremail and is working fine.
  2. Ray


    Make sure you refer to this thread when setting up WordPress to send out email.


    Bear in mind that our email servers require that you log into it first before it will send out email.
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  3. wordpress email

    That is what I used I have created outgoing account but it seems I am still having a hard time with the SMTP host name.
    I don't know if is going to be my mail.mydomainsite.com account or I need to contact Winhost for that. and also do i need ssl before the function will work.
    I know the tutorial does not say that but I don'y know?
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  4. Ray


    mail.mydomainsite.com is an example. You need to log into your Winhost account to see your mail server name. No you do not need SSL for email to work.
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  5. thanks I have change everything but I am getting this errors in wordpress.

    MTP -> ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Unable to find the socket transport "ssl" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP? (59200000)

    SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.

    Wordpress think the problem is from my host. Any help thanks.
  6. Ray


    First makes sure you download the SMTP module for wordpress. Other wise it will try to look for 'localhost' as the smtp server. When you have installed the smtp module for wordpress, make sure you do not put a check mark on secured email or SSL email. We do not support that kind of connections to our email server.
  7. Thanks I did all that, I think my username was the issue. I just used the full
    [email protected] and it telling me the email is sent unless that I don't receive the email. But i am working on it.

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