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  1. Hey guys.
    I'm trying to install this on my clients env. and i'm basically getting blank screens.

    I started from scratch atleast twice now but still the same thing.
  2. Ray


    When you say "clients env" are you referring to the clients personal computer/personal server. I have never seen WordPress go into a blank screen it does not sound like you are actually pulling up the website.
  3. Blank install screen

    Clients' env as in Winhost hosting env is not my own but my clients. Sorry for the confusion.

    My .Net is set to 2.0/3.0/3.5 i believe and I have both MySQL and MS Sql server accounts.

    I don't think above settings would cause this.

    When i go to www.domain.com/blog/wp-admin/install.php, i get blank screen. If i try www.domain.com/blog/index.php i get blank screen.
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  4. Maybe you can post your actual URL so we can take a look?
  5. Ray


    I suspect it is something in the wordpress configuration file. Try looking at that and make sure all values are correct.
  6. So, i talked to support and they said anything with .php extension is crashing.

    Has this every happen to you before?

    the actual URL is www.jeffsongphotography.com/blog
  7. Ray


    What is in your wordpress configuration file? Can you post that up?
  8. Uh...no. You sure that's what support said to you? I certainly wasn't aware of that being a problem...there's no indication of that.

    I don't see any support tickets from you here either, so I'm not sure what's going on. I'll leave this one to Ray.
  9. Ray


    No issues with the server concerning PHP. I definitely would like to see your wordpress configuration file.

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