WinHost now offers discounted SSL certificates

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  1. You may have noticed a new SSL Certificates tab in your Winhost Control Panel. We have just launched a new SSL service.
    We are offering RapidSSL and GeoTrust secure certificates starting at only $29!
    Our prices are $30, $50 or $100 less than the prices you would pay if you purchased directly from the RapidSSL or GeoTrust sites.

    Our SSL service differs from many other host's offerings in that you can also purchase certificates from us for use on non-Winhost servers. So if you need a certificate for a site at another host, or for use on a development machine at home, you can get it through your Winhost account.

    See this Knowledge Base article for pricing and details.
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  2. We have just expanded our SSL certificate offerings to include GeoTrust True BusinessID certificates.

    These certificates differ from the certificates we previously offered in that they involve organizational validation. What that means is rather than simply verifying that you own the domain through a series of emails, you will be required to provide certain specific business information to GeoTrust in order to obtain the certificate. These certificates offer your customers greater assurance that they are dealing with a legitimate business.

    You can read more about True BusinessID certificates here.

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