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  1. I am attempting to present different content from my site based on the host name the user is using to browse my site. For example, http://friends.mysite.com would resolve to the same site as http://enemies.mysite.com. My code reads the host name and dynamically changes the content based on "friends" or "enemies".

    I have my DNS setup correctly with an "A" record of *.mysite.com. Ping is properly resolving the same IP no matter what I enter as *. DNS looks good.

    However, when browsing, you are presented with the "Web Page is Unavailable" error page is you don't use "www". I need this to be dynamic and not require I manually create new "A" records in DNS for every possible host name that will be used.

    Somehow, I managed one host name that is properly handled without an "A" record or CNAME. And I can't remember how I did it.

    Can anyone get me back on track?
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    In order to do this, you would have to order SSL for your site account which will provide you with a Unique IP and creates an "A" record for *.mysite.com and adds the necessary host header entry in IIS.
  3. What I can't recall is how I managed to get it to work for "test.mysite.com" (which has no CNAME or A record) but not for others.

    I have two sites and use one for beta/staging and the other for prod. I have SSL for prod. I'd like to make sure it works before I push the rest of my code to prod without some testing and support documentation.
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