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  1. I wanted to showcase the website for a financial news aggregation program that I've created called Marcarus. The website is (unsurprisingly), and through this website, you can learn more about the software, sign up to use it for a free account (for now) and download the program. It runs in the system tray of your Windows desktop machine.

    I intentionally tried to make the website look a little "old school" as a means of distinguishing it from a lot of the other websites out there that all seem to look the same. I worked with a local web design company here in Chicago who created the first version of the website using WordPress, which I quickly learned is REALLY SLOW. After paying off the designers, I scrapped their WordPress website and translated all of their design elements into an ASP.NET C# Razor website, which loads 3-4 times faster. I also created some promotional videos using

    Anyway, I appreciate any feedback on the website, the software concept or the software itself. Like I said, the software is free to use and download, so if you're an investor or trader, give it a shot and let me know what you think.

  2. Here's a screenshot of the home page, so you can see what I mean when I say "old school":

  3. That is old school, but maybe just the right amount of old school. ;)

    It's worth bearing in mind though that there's a good reason layouts and design have changed in recent years, and that, of course, is the rise of mobile browsing. Your site as it is will be penalized by Google in their mobile search results (and maybe eventually in desktop results as well).

    If your goal is to get people to download a desktop app that may not matter much. But if you can port the functionality of that desktop app to a mobile app, or at least a mobile-friendly site, you'll increase your potential user base.

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