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Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by Guest, Oct 23, 2009.

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    Hi, I have a business idea. I am thinking a retail site for people to buy things. I will develop my own ASP.NET App with my own MS SQL 2008 as the DB in my own PC. Once I have the app and database all setup on my PC then I can ask your assistance to have my site host by you. Is this basically the idea here? Thank you.
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    go for it. we can host .net apps and sql 2008 databases.
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    follow-up Qs

    Thanks, Curtis,

    I am a true newbie. So bear with some basic questions:

    - Is there a procedure that I do myself to "upload" my app and DB to you?
    - I am using my own laptop to develop my app and DB. The laptop serves as both client and server. Will that be a problem? Meaning do need to use IIS when I develop my app to be able to have my app become a true website to interact with public users?
    - How easy or difficult can I update my app? How does it take to replace the existing app with a newer version? Again, can I do it myself anytime I want to?

    Hopefully the questions will help other newcomer as well. Thanks again.
  4. Yes.

    If you want your development environment (your laptop) to be a close approximation of what the site will run on at the host, then yes, you have to run IIS on your local machine.

    You can do it yourself any time, sure. How difficult or easy it is depends on how much experience you have.

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