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  1. Hello,

    I have a somewhat unique situation that I need help setting up...

    I just purchased an account BinghamtonYoga.com from WinHost to host email and in order to use the Secondary Web URL (bingham2.w30.wh-2.com) to host an internal Blazor application I'm writing.

    The actual www.BinghamtonYoga.com website is currently hosted on Weebly and will stay there for the foreseeable future.

    The problem is that when I Web Deploy my Blazor site via VS2019 to WinHost, and navigate to the Secondary URL, I get this 502.5 Process Failure error (see below). I've checked the directory and all the files are there. I've even deployed it to other WinHost accounts and it works fine, so it's not the project per se.

    I'm pretty sure the problem is because I'm deploying my app to BinghamtonYoga.com, however, it's being displayed on the Secondary URL, bingham2.w30.wh-2.com.

    Is there a way to make this sort of thing work? If so, any ideas on how to do it?

    Thanks! Jason

    HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure
    Common causes of this issue:
    • The application process failed to start
    • The application process started but then stopped
    • The application process started but failed to listen on the configured port
  2. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    Please open up a support ticket to have WebSockets enabled if you haven't already. Blazor uses SignalR, and SignalR requires WebSockets in order to run. If you're still getting that error, then that means there is still a problem. To find out what it is, please enable ASP.NET Core error logging.
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