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  1. I would like to request a Web Based File Manager such as is found with some other hosting control panels such as what is available with WebSitePanel.

    A Web Based File Manager would be a huge benefit since it would allow for easy management of files and directories (and especially deletion of files and directories) without having to go through an FTP client.

    I frequently have a need to wipe out an entire website structure or set of directories when I am upgrading a website from one version to another version and having a web based file manager would provide immense time savings over the tedious process of performing the deletion of files and folders via the FTP Delete command.

    I have attached a screenshot of a Web Based File Manager for your review.

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    We will add your request to our list. Meanwhile, you can install your own web based file manager on your site and start using it. Please see this blog post for the instructions on how to install File Vista on your Winhost site.
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