Web API seems to deploy but can't call any methods

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  1. I'm new to Winhost so I'm ignorant.

    I've developed an MVC 4 webapi in VS 2012. It works perfectly on my home server (Windows 2012).

    When I deploy to Winhost, it looks okay and I can hit the helper page (see http://canadabeerfest.ca/beerfestapi). I can test too: http://canadabeerfest.ca/beerfestapi/Help/Api/GET-beerfestapi-Initialize-Ping

    But when I try to use the service, such as calling http://canadabeerfest.ca/beerfestapi/Initialize/ping I get a 404 error.

    I used the Winhost "Publishing Information" with VS 2012's Publish Web tool - importing this Publishing Information file.

    I tried changing the trust level to full in my web.config.

    The routing looks good.

    I can connect to the server and see the web application through IIS Manager (but can't do a lot of stuff that I normally can do).

    I don't see any logs (though I believe I've enabled them).

    Any ideas where it's going wrong?


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  2. FredC

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    Sounds like some routing issue to me. I would check the routing first.
  3. Thanks FredC. You were right and I got it going...

    In the Windows Publishing wizard, under connections I had set the target to http://canadabeerfest.ca/beerfestapi... Fine. It was there. When I go to call the ping method, I was using http://canadabeerfest.ca/beerfestapi/Initialize/Ping which returned the 404. When I tried with http://canadabeerfest.ca/beerfestapi/beerfestapi/Initialize/Ping it worked. So the address needed to include the subfolder. I've since cleaned it up so that I don't have "beerfestapi" appearing twice; just "API".

    In hindsight, I should have seen this sooner.

  4. ComputerMan

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    Great! Thanks for posting what worked for you. :)
  5. Well, you know, it is beerfest...

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