WCF and 'Keyset does not exist' error

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  1. I'm trying to test a WCF service that uses wsHttpBinding and membership authentication. After much trial and error I think I am close but I get the 'Keyset does not exist' error which is related to SSL security. According to Winhost my SSL certificate is installed properly. Anybody else have a similar problem and find a solution? Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I am currently at a loss. To see the error follow:


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  2. Ray


    It looks like your application is looking for a RSA certificate. This maybe a different certificate then what you installed on the server. The server setups a SSL certificate so that http calls can be tunneled through the SSL protocol. This certificate is completely differently all together.
  3. GoDaddy did provide another certificate that starts '-----BEGIN PKCS7-----'. Would that be the RSA certificate? Can you tell me how and where that should be installed?

  4. Ray


    Unfortunately, the way our servers are setup we will not be able to install RSA certificates.
  5. Alright, I'll see if I can use a different approach with my app so it doesn't need the RSA cert.

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