Want to speed up my Magento ecommerce store?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ashwinparkar, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. I have already tried the following things to improve my website performance.

    Enable Compression
    Enable Browser Caching
    Minify JavaScript and CSS Files
    Reduce image sizes
    I have already installed the caching plugin
    I have disabled Inactive Plugins

    After doing all these things still I am facing performance issue where as other Magento store owners are very much satisfied with the performance of Magento. So I should try to change my hosting provider or still I have to do some changes in my website to speed up. I have discussed this with my friend he suggested me to change the hosting provider and recommended me Magento dedicated server

    Anyone tell me about this hosting provider whether they experience their services? Also, changing the hosting provider will resolve my issue or there is something easy that I can do because changing the hosting provider is a big issue for me.
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    Did you contact our support department and ask them to see if you're hitting any resource limits?

    It might be possible you're hitting a CPU or Memory limit and it's causing your site to load slowly. Contact our support department so they can check it for you.
  3. That's true that the techniques you've described are aimed to improve your website performance. There are, however, some methods that can be used in this case.
    1. Change your hosting provider.
    2. Reduce #of server (HTTP) requests.
    3. After a thorough test, find problem places and completely review your code.
    4. Use Content Delivery Network.
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    Also, you can always use Google Speed Test tools and it can provide you with some insight of what is going on with your site too before you decide to do anything to your site. It's always a good place to start.

    Changing your hosting provider in my personal option would be the last option if all other things have failed. Only because after trouble shooting slow sites during my employment with Winhost. The actual server is usually not at fault.

    • Bad code
    • Not using optimize queries to the MS SQL Database. We offer a SQL Profiling service to help you trouble shoot a slow running site if you suspect it's the database.
    • Using huge images on your site's pages. (Should consider optimizing the images.) If you're using a Wordpress site you can consider using a plugin to complete that task.
    • The site's application using too much memory. In this case we have options at Winhost where you can easily upgrade to a higher plan.
    • The application using too much CPU and causing the process to get throttled or the application pool to crash/recycle. Our support department can offer an alternative solution.

    Ultimately the best way to trouble shoot a slow running site. Check the site locally to see how much resources it uses. While testing it locally you have more debugging tools at your disposal. Visual Studio has a way of checking how much memory a web application uses for example. Here's more information. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/profiling/memory-usage?view=vs-2019

    However, changing hosting providers and then doing debugging your site can lead to more frustration. Most likely because the issue might be the web application itself.

    Here at Winhost have started offering a higher site plan with more memory called the Power Plan. Give it a shot if you require more memory.
  5. I
    I suggest you to do the following things

    Minimize HTTP requests. ...
    Minify and combine files. ...
    Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files. ...
    Defer JavaScript loading. ...
    Minimize time to first byte. ...
    Reduce server response time. ...
    Choose the right hosting option for your needs. ...
    Run a compression audit.

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