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Discussion in 'Third-party applications' started by mtbound, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Has anyone successfully setup vBulletin on Winhost servers?

    I searched the forums but there was no info on it. I also tried support...but they were no help at all. Which is odd....because it's the forum they use.
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  2. We use it, yes, but it doesn't run on one of our production or corporate Windows servers, it runs on a FreeBSD that is dedicated to the forum.

    vBulletin doesn't work with MSSQL (only MySQL), so you can't use it on a hosting account here.
  3. Thanks for the reply Hank. That's what I needed to know.
  4. We do offer MySQL now, so my "you can't use it on a hosting account here" statement no longer applies.
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  5. So it is now possible to use vBulletin on a regular Winhost account then? If anyone has done this already could you please give me some idea of it's ease of use and implementation - before I spend the cash on it! :)
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  6. I don't know of any vB installations at the moment. Maybe someone will chime in.

    On a side note, if I was starting a new forum I think I might not go with vB. The quality is kind of going downhill since version 4.x. You'll notice that we haven't moved to 4.x.
  7. I see, thanks. What would you suggest then? I have had a look at YAF (YetAnotherForum) and it seems pretty good from the cursory look I have taken, especially since it is open source...
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    The best way to really find out is to actually open an account. You can try the Basic plan and you can try vBulletin with MySQL and YAF.Net with SQL 2008 and see which one works best for you. Both should be easy to setup and we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So you'll have 30 days to try it out and if you cancel within 30 days you'll get your money back.
  9. Erm I already have an ultimate account with you guys for almost 1 year now, development been slow (been doing it part time)... ;)

    Edit: OT: How about Web Wiz? That looks nice and clean. I am guessing any of these forum programs (providing they are using the supported back-end and front-end frameworks) will just need to be put on the ftp and then have a page that forwards to the correct place based on the sub-domain right?
  10. YAF seems to be the forum of choice if you want to stick with .NET technology.

    What I would suggest personally is a new forum software that is still in beta, so I don't know if that is something you want to consider. But I'm running it on another forum and my users love it.

    That's right.
  11. I have an existing account with a site that is using an MS SQL database. If I wanted to add a PHP type forum that requries MySQL, would I have to convert the rest of the app to use MySQL as well or is it possible to have both MS SQL and MySQL being used on the same plan?
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    You can keep both MySQL and MS SQL 2008 on the same plan. Both are offered free on all the plans.

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