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  1. Hi Winhost support team -- we are using Microsoft Office 365 to support our email addresses, and formerly to support our website/domain. Today we've moved the website/domain, and that works well.

    I'm thinking that in order to make the email (hosted at Office 365) continue to work, that I need to update the MX record. However, the MX record address that is offered for Office 365 gives me an "invalid" error when I try to update it in my Winhost Control panel.

    What do you think I am doing wrong here?

    See attached image for how things look on the Office 365 control panel.



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    You cannot use the @ sign. The hostname should be your domain name in this case. You also need to open up a support ticket so that we can add the SRV record for you. This only applies if you are hosting your DNS with us.
  3. One can use email accounts on Microsoft office 365 for that need to download office 365 free from the official site then login to the admin portal then go to the setting>mail, Under Options, select Accounts > Connected accounts, Under Connected accounts, select +, On the Connect your email account page, enter the full email address, press ok. Refresh your page after a few minutes to see if the download is complete.

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