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  1. RE: IIS manager as talked about in this link:

    I clicked on the IIS manager login from control panel and the download link is for v1.0 assume would want the ...64 file for 64 bit machine?

    However in another link for the video I see a download link
    IIS Manager for Remote Administration 1.2
    WindowsThis is a Microsoft Supported Download | Works With: IIS 7, IIS 7.5, IIS 8, IIS 8.5

    So, which one should I download? Are they the same thing with one being newer?

    Please advise which download I should do to work with Winhost.

    I assume this is what would be used to direct a site from http to https?

    Thank you ahead of time.
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  2. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    I think both are valid, but I would use the second link (1.2) since it's newer. And yes, you can use IIS Manager to redirect a site from HTTP to HTTPS using URL Rewrite.
  3. We'll update that Control Panel link to point to the latest version of the download. Thanks.
  4. Resurrecting an old thread...

    The link to v1.2 of IIS manager is no longer working, and I am unable to connect my local (Windows 10) IIS manager to my site. Any ideas?
  5. FredC

    FredC Winhost Staff

    There could be several potential problems which makes it hard to troubleshoot in the forum. Can you open a support ticket?
  6. ComputerMan

    ComputerMan Winhost Staff

    Try seeing if you can enable the remote administration through your Windows computer

    Internet Information Services>Web Management Tools>IIS Management Console Make sure it's checked inside the "Turn Windows features on or off" area, to allow for remote management

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