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  1. Hi,
    i've put today my ASPNET MVC3 app on Winhosting; the app uses native Forms Authentication used in MVC.
    I have an AdminController that can be accessed only by authenticated users; when the user is redirected to admin/xyz the system correctly redirects him to logon to authenticate him.

    The problem is that when the user is authenticated and waits 10-15 seconds, when he clicks on a link the user is always redirected to the logon form even if he is authenticated.

    I thought it was a session problem and i asked Winhosting to use SqlServer sessions but i see that the Sql tables (AspStateTemp*) that should handle sessions data are always empty.

    Here is the node i added in web.config:
    <sessionState mode="SQLServer" allowCustomSqlDatabase = "true"
    sqlConnectionString="data;database=DB_name;user id=DB_user;password=DB_passwd"
    timeout="600" />

    Can anyone, please, help me?
    Thanks in advance and greetings
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  3. Nice. Glad you got it worked out.

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