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  1. HI, I see the Windows plan has URL Rewrite. I would be getting the Ultimate Plan.

    I use Web.Config and want to take my site from being on http to https (SSL Secure) on all pages. I am assuming the rewrite module is where I would do that? Or in past sites I just put code in the Web.Config

    If I have an issue/errors with the Config in getting it to go to the https version of the site via a rewrite code in Config is that something you can help with if the situation comes up.

    This is the main reason I would be making the move, and need to be sure support can help accomplish this if I run into a problem. I have a GeoTrust Quick Cert

    Oh an rather than a new post for the additional Q: Do I understand correctly that you are hosting and staff is in USA? If not, what is the main country of origin.

    Thank you:)
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    Yes, and no. Plenty of blogs like this one with the markup information you need. We can enter that markup for you, but we cannot debug any side effects it may cause (i.e. if it causes other areas of your site to break).

    Yes, we are based in the United States, and none of our staff is out-sourced.
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