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  1. I have one hosting package and two domains.

    My URL Rewrite through IIS works fine pointing domainB to a particular folder in hosting. Thus:


    is appropriately going to www.domainA.com/subdirectory

    However, I also have phpbb forums installed in that subdirectory, and there is an application starting point there as well.

    So, the forums reside at:

    When I attempt to go the forums like so:

    It doesn't seem to trigger the rewrite, and in fact triggers the missing file rewrite sending me back to my index.php.

    In fact, even if I point straight to any further subdirectory, this happens. For instance:
    should go to www.domainA/subdirectory/anotherSubDirectory

    However, it also fails.

    Am I missing something? Is there more information I can provide?
  2. I would move this to the right subforum if I were able - sorry for misplacing it!
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