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  1. I registered for a Winhost web hosting account a few days ago (for kayimit.com). I was trying to upload my application files to the web server using Classic FTP. The operation fails (probably due to some privileges issue). Below is the FTP log.

    22:04:12 Classic FTP Run
    22:04:13 Connecting to server: ftp.kayimit.com.
    22:04:13 Connecting...
    22:04:15 Connected OK.
    22:04:15 Changing directory to /
    22:04:32 Uploading file(s)...
    22:04:32 Adding folder(s) / file(s)
    22:05:13 Queuing file: C:\Users\JeanRoussel\Projects\kayimit\KAYIMITCOM\Web.config-ASP-Net-3-5
    22:05:13 Adding folder(s) / file(s)
    22:05:13 Uploading directory: C:\Users\Username\Projects\kayimit\KAYIMITCOM\_Documents
    22:05:14 Unable to change directory: //_Documents
    22:05:14 Uploading file 1 of 1
    22:05:15 Refreshing...
    22:05:16 Refreshed.
    22:05:16 Cannot upload the file list

    Please, let me know if there is anything I should do. Or, will you just change some permissions for me so I can proceed with my upload operation?

    Many thanks
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  2. ComputerMan

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    Can you try using a different FTP program like FileZilla? You can download FileZilla Here

    Then read our knowledge base article on how to connect to your site using FileZilla here: Configuring FileZilla to access your web site

    Please make sure you are using your main FTP user to FTP into the site. You should have read and write access to your files in your root directory with your main FTP user.
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  3. I have been advised to do the below:

    You need to upload your site to main directory of the site's root. You currently only upload directories into your site's root.

    I see now that you have upload your index file into the directory. Currently your image files are referring to your local environment. For example: file:///C:/Users/user/Desktop/index_files/image3511.jpg

    You need to program your site to look at the image files located in the directory of our hosting environment.

    I am not a computer wizard and would love somebody to help me with this.Thanks Fabienne
  4. Elshadriel

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    You just need to change the path from C: to E:\servername\login-name\...

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