unable to get my asp page in browser

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  1. Hi,
    I am just testing my asp test page while setting up my site with dreamweaver. Initially, I was getting error 404.3 -i.e MIME type inclusion & Handler mapping. After including the *.asp extension and mime type, then I kept getting the error message that 'Server Instance cannot be changed' I have attached it here if someone can read it and diagnose what the problem is in my IIS7 server set up or configuration.

    Thanks in advance.


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  2. ASP page does not come up


    I have been using wamp servers. I only recently had to switch to IIS7 windows to be able administer my site. I set up my local site with dreamweaver with my documents in iis root. Everything seem fine. However, when attempting to view my test asp page on the internet Explorer browser I get an error message 404.3- which I responded to by creating the .asp extension and did a mapping handler. However, I started getting the above error message(see attached). Can someone decifer the message for a possible solution. I want to refine my pages with IIS locally and then upload them to rectify problems in my site.

    NB: the attachment 'unable to get asp page in browser' had been uploaded yesterday so the system has not allowed me to upload again. But I cannot locate that post. So can someone help to locate the post and then profer solutions.
    Thanks a lot.


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