Umbraco 4.9.0 "Error Parsing XSLT File"

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  1. I built a website using Umbraco 4.9.0 and all is well locally. I copied it up to Winhost, set up the application starting point, database connections, etc, etc.

    It now works, except that for every XSLT file referenced on the landing page it says "Error Parsing XSLT File {xslt file name}".

    I can't find any articles on Winhost that indicate any problems with XSLT files. They all work great locally, and I've made no changes to them.

    Does anybody have any idea why all the XSLT files won't parse?

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  2. Okay, Winhost Tech Support was able to help me with this one.

    I set Trust=Full and it took the XSLT error messages away.

    It did give me a brand new problem, however. Now, my website (which you can see at completely ignores my CSS. If you look in "View Source", you'll see it's referencing my CSS files (which are uploaded - I checked) but it's rendering plain text without CSS.

    The CSS (with no modifications) works great locally, but not up on Winhost. Does anyone have any ideas about this one?

    Thanks for any help.
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  3. ComputerMan

    ComputerMan Winhost Staff

    I was able to pull up your site just fine on my end.

    I used Google Chrome's Developer Tools to see what could be causing a problem to see if any files were missing.

    I notice that your image file called "search_bg.png" isn't being pulled up. Your CSS files are being pulled up correctly.

    On Google Chrome's Developer Tools the file: search_bg.png is receiving a 404 not found error. The URL appears to be:

    Maybe check to see if the file exists in the directory on your site?
  4. Yes, I discovered an underlying problem. Umbraco thinks my site's root folder is, when it's actually

    Where the CSS appears in my master .aspx files, I prefixed the relative folder with "/ddpa", which is why you now see my CSS. But my images folder path doesn't have "/ddpa" in it, because I can't find a place to put it in.

    Rather than finding all these relative folder paths individually, I'd love to be able to find a "master" root folder location for my entire website, and fix it all in one shot. Does anyone know where the root folder location for the Umbraco application is maintained?

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