Umbraco 4.11 database set up

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  1. I installed Umbraco using the Application Installer. Now I'm running the online setup script and got stuck at the database setup step. I get this error:

    Database connection initialisation failed.
    The installer cannot connect to the database.
    Connection string:;database="mysql_40464_umb ";user id=umbuser;password=xxxxxxxxxx;datalayer=MySQL

    All the items in the connection string match the MySQL database that I set up. (I xed out the password just for this post.) Any idea why the install script can't connect to the database?
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  2. Elshadriel

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    I just installed Umbraco on a test account using MySQL without any problem. I think you've added an extra space in the database name:

  3. Thanks! Sometimes it just takes a second set of eyes looking at the problem.

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