Twice as slow than my Rogers ISP

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  1. GOOD: Good management software, quite easy to integrate, great price.

    BAD: I might be wrong so please correct me... but so far I moved my application + database from home hosted server to Winhost (Max plan account). The clients (all over the world) are fetching data twice as slow. I thought that I am doing something wrong but a simple ping to the site is showing a latency of 100ms and more. THIS IS NOT A FAST HOST!
    when ping my onw computer from an europen/american site gives me less that that. It might be cheap but is VERY VERY SLOW so for me this wont work.
    I will edit this post with my new findings but so far I'm thinking to start shopping for another host as I see no way out.
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  2. Ray


    Where are your customers accessing your site from? Do you see the same latency on your end? Whats the URL so I can check it?
  3. Testing

    So far I've done some testing from Europe (Romania) , New York and Ottawa(Ontario, Canada)
    My site is but I am running a webservice on that is used by desktop application. I can eventually write a small test application that I can share but I am not sure this is going to be useful. I have a report that when run from Romania agains the application/db hosted on my home computer takes 15 secons. Now it takes more than 30. They have to run a hundreed reports a day. I was hooping to get down to 5 seconds only by using a profesional host.
    Can I be doing something wrong? Where should I look?
    But the fundamental question: Why when pinging (and my domain) I get such a poor latency??? Trying many other hosts(like for example) have a much greater reponse.
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  4. Ray


    Still not sure I fully understand the issue. I peformed a ping test on and it is not resolving to any of the Winhost web servers.
  5. Domain

    Sorry.. you cannot ping
    please ping

    my home computer

    from many locations my computer has a better latency.
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  6. Ray


    Do you have a full URL I can use to see this latency? Its hard to diagnose latency issues without more details. As you know latency can occur in any levels. It can be the back bone both from the browser that is making the call and the server that is servicing the request. It could be that the code is not fully optimized. And with web services where you are making another external call, it could be the address you are calling out to.
  7. WebService

    I don't now how can u test this unelss you test the web service
    here is the full address. I can write a small test application if you wish to return 15000 records.

    the same code, same database then on my Vista box (quad core 4Gb ram Rogers ISP) can be tested from

    The difference is 2x - when client application runs in NA or Europe.
    I know my application is not optimized but the database is and is the same code in both cases, that's why I don't understand where is the difference comming from unless your throughput/Application Pool is slow.
    Your call.
  8. Here's a check of your site on the Winhost server from all over the world. Less than half a second from everywhere.

    Your home computer on the other hand, doesn't even connect at the moment, so a comparison can't be made.

    But a comparison between your home computer - which is essentially a dedicated server - and a shared hosting server is apples and oranges anyway. You shouldn't expect the same kind of response from shared hosting that you get from a dedicated server.

    Lag time in your applications could be caused by any number of things. We don't know what it's doing, so we can't really troubleshoot speed issues.
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  9. Please check my home computer here Your home computer

    I will investigate more. Is not an easy task :)
  10. It's slow.

    Dortmund, Germany (5 Mbps) OK 5.97 0.45 105
    Beijing, China (5 Mbps) Connection Failure 0.00 20.98 0
    Sydney, Australia (5 Mbps) OK 5.97 0.73 65
    Gloucester, UK (5 Mbps) OK 5.97 0.39 122
    Chicago, IL (45 Mbps) OK 5.97 0.14 339
    Washington, DC (3 Mbps) OK 5.97 0.22 218
    Los Angeles, CA (1.5 Mbps) OK 5.97 9.11 5
    Santiago, Chile (760 Kbps) OK 5.97 0.59 81
    Detroit, MI (5 Mbps) OK 5.97 0.19 255

    But again, there is no point in comparing your home computer to a shared hosting server. They serve two very different purposes. If your expectations are of better speed from a remote server than a local server, you're always going to be disappointed.
  11. You post my home computer is fair to post the Winhost domain result too

    .. so readers can draw their own conclusion.

    Please pay extra attension to the last values of each row. That's the troughput = how fast can u get the data. Unless I am in LA there is no reason not to use my home machine.
    Here are the values of the Winhost hosted domain

    Checked From Result KBytes Seconds Kbps
    Dortmund, Germany (5 Mbps) OK 1.08 0.34 25
    Beijing, China (5 Mbps) OK 1.08 0.28 31
    Sydney, Australia (5 Mbps) OK 1.08 0.34 25
    Gloucester, UK (5 Mbps) OK 1.08 0.34 25
    Chicago, IL (45 Mbps) OK 1.08 0.13 69
    Washington, DC (3 Mbps) OK 1.08 0.22 39
    Los Angeles, CA (1.5 Mbps) OK 1.08 0.03 275
    Santiago, Chile (760 Kbps) OK 1.08 0.33 26
    Detroit, MI (5 Mbps) OK 1.08 0.19

    I don't compare dedicated versus shared here.... just Internet speed.

    However I love you guys.. I am not trying to find inexistent problems. Great value for the money if the speed is not an issue. I will try to work things out anyway but deep inside I think you know what I am talking about. I'd rather pay u more and get more bandwith if possible.
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  13. Like I said, less than half a second to load from locations all over the world. The only conclusion to draw from that is that the Winhost server is faster than your home computer. I'm not trying to get into a speed test battle here, but you come in with post number one saying "THIS IS NOT A FAST HOST!" so all we can do is point out the facts.

    Well, going by that then, Winhost is loading your site faster through a smaller pipe. So what does that tell you? It tells me that the web server here is serving up your site far more efficiently than your home computer (faster load, despite higher Kbps). Which is to be expected, since our servers are not home computers.

    And regardless of the speed tests, what I have been saying still applies. It's not an equal comparison. Your expectations may be a little bit high for response times from a remote server.

    We love you too. We shouldn't let the kids see us arguing like this...
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  14. danix, when you published your service code on Winhost, does the code perhaps still connect to the database located on your home machine? Are you sure you have updated the relevant connection strings (e.g., either in web.config or perhaps any which are hard-coded) to ensure you are connecting to the "closer" database?

    Perhaps if the records are making 2 trips (first from your home to Winhost, and then another from Winhost to client) this could explain application latency being "2x" as much on Winhost. Just a thought.
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  15. I am not moving

    Emachine thanks for your thoughs,but actually it was all correctly configured.
    However the slowness that I was yesterday complaining so much still exists but it seems to affect me less than I thought. Because of two simple reasons:

    1) I optimized my application so it's usable now.

    2) I shoped arround. For HOURS! nobody offers what these guys are offering for $10/month.

    Note: I end up actually subscribing to MsOnlineService(Azure) because they have a pay as you go plan and seems like the prices might be pretty decent but there is a learning curve for deployment etc.. I'll decide later if is worth considering.

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