Tutorial, easily include pictures of parts of your screens in your posts

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  1. To make your posts clearer it is often handy to include a picture of what you wish to talk about.

    Here's how to do that super simply!

    Open the windows Snipping tool, this can be found in:

    Start > All Programs > Accessories > Snipping Tool

    I suggest that you right-click on it and add it to your start menu because you'll be using it a lot!

    Now that you've started it, it'll be on the task bar when you need it shortly, now have the screen, website, whatever that you want to show a piece of (a snip of) on your screen ready to capture part of it.
    When you can see the part that you want to snip, go down to the task bar and click on the snipping tool icon to display it's interface (if you can't already see it on another part of your screen) and click on New


    I didn't do that here, I just brought the windows Snipping Tool interface to the front then did Alt PrtSc then Ctr V to paste it into my message here, coz you can do that too. Essentially when you have a graphic on the clipboard you can paste it into your forum message so back to the Snipping Tool, when you do click on New the screen will go milky and you get a big white + shaped mouse cursor so:

    Click and drag on an area of the screen that you'd like to snip then when you let go the Snipping Tool shows you what you've captured and it's already in the clipboard so click back on your post where you want to put it and do Ctrl V


    Simple as that!

    You can get creative with the Snipping Tool by selecting from the little dropdown next to the New button.

    Won't mind, they have PetaBytes of disk space


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