Trouble with a failed back up and reload.

Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by TovinoThomas, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Been learning wordpress for 4 years now. Few days ago my hard drive died and needed to reinstall everything. I booted up my WAMP server and loaded my supposed back up file (9.55 MB XML file and a MYSQL file saved on the same date as the XML file) through the localhost and only the plugins loaded. Nothing else. I'm missing 500 products across 8 pages and a ton of content that took 6 weeks to build.

    I backed up wordpress the way tutorials say to do so, however, my SQL file loads a blank database. Before I reformatted, I pulled my entire contents of the www folder onto a drive and copied it back to the original location. Now, wordpress sees my plugins and themes, but nothing else.

    I see now that the SQL file for the database is necessary for everything to be recognized, but am not sure why it was blank even though it was exported through localhost and not a plugin or third party tool. I guess maybe it got corrupted during the drive failure some how, or maybe I f'd something up.

    Here is my main question: I still have ALL my images, settings, themes, plugins, index files, contact files, everything still saved in the www folder. All the settings are clearly still there. And if you open each one up, you can see all the content that is supposed to be there. Is there a way to manually set up the SQL file or to build something from scratch to point back to all the .php files, images, etc?
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    Hi Tovino,

    I'm afraid there isn't a way to restore the SQL file without a backup that I know of (i.e. recreating all the links pointing to your pages).
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    The MySQL database is like the brain of the WordPress site.

    What happens when you open the .sql file in a text file. Do you see any data?
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  4. i understand guys!!
  5. After my website was messed up for one or the other reason, I tried to restore it back to how it was the day before using the Updraftplus backups. If restoring my website to a previous state totally fails because of some alleged security incompatibility (https), can the website be restored with dropbox account files?
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    If you are having issues with your site, then contact our technical support team.
  7. What happens when you open the .sql file in a text file

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