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  1. I already have a domain name registration with yahoo I would like to bring that domain name to Winhost and keep it here and pay $10 per month. How can I do that?

    currently I have a one page web site that I easily put up using yahoo web hosting. Now I want to deploy a site on Winhost and have that site on internet. Please advise me what to do. Do I need to cancel the domain registration on yahoo and how can I bring the domain registration on Winhost?
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  2. curtis

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  3. still confused

    thanks curtis,

    when I went to register for the same web site on the Winhost it says Unfortunately web site is taken, which is normal becasue it`s reistered on yahoo.

    So then I went on yahoo and unlocked the site and changed the Advanced DNS settings according to the second link that you sent. when I updated the informaton it says it could take between 12 and 24 hours, so I will check after 24 hours. What should I expect, should I see the new site that I deplyed to the Winhost:confused: also will I be able to register the same site on Winhost after 12 hours :confused: is there a no direct way to transfer the domain registation between yahoo and Winhost :confused:

    Now you said I would keep the domain hosting on yahoo. but let`s say I want to register using Winhost anddon`t want to keep anything with yahoo.
    how can I do this :confused: I want to keep every thing on the Winhost and avoid going back and forth between Winhost and yahoo.

    please advise since I am really confused now.

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  4. Ray


    You can order an account with us. You simply pick the option of ordering the account with an existing domain name. What you are trying to do is move the domain name to us so that the invoice will show web hosting and domain name hosting. We cannot do that. What you are trying to achieve is to do a registrar transfer. We cannot do that because we are not a certified registrar. What you will need to do is keep the domain name hosted with yahoo and have them point the domain name to our name servers (,,
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  5. ok,

    so in that case I will pay to yahoo for the domain anme registrationr, and I have already changed the advanced dns settings on yahoo to point to Winhost. So I guess I am all set, in 12 to 24 hours the site should display the page that I deplyed on the Winhost, if I am correct.
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  6. Ray


    Yes that is correct.

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