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  1. Hello! I've recently transferred my site to Winhost and, after deploying to my account with VS2k8, it is failing to locate any of the views. This same project worked fine before I transferred it, and works correctly locally. I've verified that the views do exist in the locations the error is stating it can't find them. Attempting to navigate to them directly, instead of just trying the .com domain, also fails.

    The error:
    An interesting observation about this problem - I know that some of my code is executing correctly before attempting to find the view. If I type in addresses of pages that require authentication, which run authentication logic (this is the default Authentication setup provided with a new MVC 1.0 application) they correctly redirect me to another view, but that view also cannot be found.

    I haven't modified any of the routing logic in Global.asax.

    Have a missed a setup step somewhere?

    Thanks for your help in advance -
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    Is there a URL where we can replicate this problem on our end?
  3. Sorry, I didn't post a URL because I've been constantly publishing different projects and file arrangements to try to resolve the issue. So you'd get different results based on what I'm trying at the moment :)

    I can re-publish the project that is having the issues this evening and post the URL then. Right now, I've been able to get the blank MVC project created by VS2k8 when you start a new project deployed correctly, so it's definitely something wrong with my specific project.

    I suspect it's an issue with me including the ASP.NET MVC source project in my solution and setting my project's dependencies on the dlls generated by building the MVC source solution, instead of the system's MVC dlls. I attempted to publish the normal system MVC dlls to the \bin on the host, but it didn't resolve the issue.

    My next idea to try is to recreate the project without changing the default references to any of the System.Web dlls.
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    If you are uploading this MVC application in a subfolder, make sure you set that subfolder as an application foler.
  5. Well, I've gone ahead and started rebuilding the project without all the of the tricky stuff it was doing, and so far, it appears to be working correctly. If I manage to identify what the cause was, I'll post here for future users.
  6. As a follow-up to this issue in case anyone was interested in the cause:

    I had locally removed the MVC dependencies on my project and added the MVC source code to the project, and set the dependency to the DLLS built by that project. This allowed me to debug inside of MVC calls, which was extremely handy, but publishing the project in this state was the cause of this issue.

    Rebuilding the project so the dependencies were set to the DLLs that come with the standard MVC install fixes the issue.
  7. Thanks for following up.

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