Switching ASP.NET website from HTTP to HTTPS

Discussion in 'DNS/Domain names' started by MikeDelp, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Hello,
    I have an ASP.NET WebForms website on WinHost, and would like to make it work with https.
    Can I have some basic notions on how to proceed to achieve that?
  2. ComputerMan

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    In order to use HTTPs you will need to be on the Max or Ultimate plan.

    If you are on the Basic plan please see our knowledge base article on how to upgrade the plan here: https://support.winhost.com/kb/a502/how-to-change-the-plan-for-your-site-upgrade-downgrade.aspx

    Once you have upgraded your next step is to install an SSL Certificate for your site account. Instructions on how to instal an SSL Certificate can be found here: https://support.winhost.com/kb/a774/how-to-order-and-install-an-ssl-certificate.aspx
  3. That article about the certificate is very clear, thanks!
    Can you provide any link about how to set up HTTPs once I have my certificate?
    Thank you!
  4. What I mean is: once I have bought and installed my certificate in the SSL manager, will my website start appearing as https at that point or do I need to do any setup (eg web.config)?
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  6. Thanks Elshadriel, that's exactly what I needed to know.

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