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    I wanted to confirm that your service offers subdomains (may be listed in your features but I can't find it.) To make sure I'm talking about I want to do:


    Also, I want to be able to publish from Visual Studio and manage the SQL DB from Sql Mgmt Studio. It says in the faeature list I can do this. Has anyone run across any gotcha's with this?


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    Couple more things too (I know what a PITA!) I want to run BlogEngine on your hosting (and probably one of the free PHP forums unless I can find a stack overflow clone.) Is this as straight forward here as on that "other" expensive site?

    Thanks again!

    Patrick (I promise I'll register soon...)
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    And one last thing...I promise.

    Is there any fee for using an existing domain name.

    Sorry about all the posts but I need to get some hosting going today.
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    curtis Winhost Staff - we list unlimited subdomains

    You can publish with VS and use SQL Management Studio

    You can run blogengine - I think some customers are doing that. With PHP apps, we don't offer mysql so make sure the php app doesn't use mysql.

    You can use an existing domain name and there is no fee for that.

    Ask away. Thats what this forum is for.
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