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  1. hello
    what am i need to do if i want subdomain
    i created subdomain named

    now i want to put there my site this is a one page site with theme and web config
    and he do exception on webconfig <autotication
    how i need to configre evrythin with subdomain and where should i put the site
    if you can help me i am c# developer
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    Subdomains by default in IIS 7 which is setup as a shared hosting environment points to the root of the Site Account. If you want your subdomain name to open up its own website, first you will need to create a subfolder using FTP. Then upload the web pages to that subfolder. Once that is done, setup a redirects script so that subdomain name gets redirected to that subfolder/web page.
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  3. sub domain

    what i need to write in server_name and if you can to translate the code to c#
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  5. sub domain

    if (Strings.InStr(Strings.UCase(Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")), Strings.UCase("")) > 0)

    this is the code i convert to c#
    and he tell me there is problem with the if line
    i pot this in the page load
    i copy, past from the article you gave me
    thank you
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    What is the error message you are getting?
  7. sub domain

    it is say about the if - (line) it give me exception

    and i try also with the iis but i didnt succeed
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    Can you give me a full and exact copy of the error message?
  9. sub domain

    system.linq.strings is innecsisible due to his protection level

    i upload a photo i dont know if you can see it cause i cant

    thank you
  10. Ray


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