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Discussion in 'DNS/Domain names' started by Robert Plates, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. A question for anyone that has rented web hosting space in other companies.

    I moved to Winhost from another very popular Web Hosting company.

    Following the process of creating a Subdomain with my last web landlord, I named the subdomain and associated the subdomain name to a folder/directory off of the root folder/directory of my primary domain name. That sub folder/directory became the starting point for the sub-domain automatically.

    Why do I, when operating via Win Host, have to do all this redirect wiring up. And even when I do the "redirect" script supplied by Winhost, that still does not make that folder/directory the starting point for the subdomain.

    Am I spoiled by my previous web landlord ?
    Is that the way subdomains are set up in other web hosting situations?

    Am I being un-reasonable in my expectations ?

    Thanks for any insight you can provide.
  2. Thanks Michael,

    The specific problem is: I have to learn a new way to work with sub-domains that I did not have to under my last hosting service.

    The Winhost documentation is there but IMHO it is not as helpful as it could be.
    Especially when there are statements similar to: "be careful doing this you could break your site...".

    Really, it is something new and unfamiliar being my last host did all the "redirect" and "starting point" wire up for us and we (aka "the customer") did not have to modify any code to make subdomains work as expected.

    So in this forum thread I am asking other forum users that may rent space on other Hosting services if they have to do the same thing on other hosting services to make a sub-domain work as expected.

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