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  1. Gofer01

    Gofer01 Amateur Web Application Developer

    Do you offer static IP addresses to each web account? If so whats the cost / Monthly Cost of the Static IP address?

    Whats happens if you don't want to move your domain to this site but you want the IIS 7.0 Service. I quite happy with my current registar.

    For me to become a coostomer you must give me a Static IP even w/o the SSL Certificate. I do have my own DNS sever with my current Registar
  2. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    No, we do not provide a static ip with the hosting plans. We provide a secondary url and a secondary ftp address.
  3. Gofer01

    Gofer01 Amateur Web Application Developer

    Sorry to hear this. Maybe at a later date when you change your policies or offer Static IP addresses we can do business.
  4. Ray


    I think there maybe some misunderstanding. The IP address that is associated with our accounts are static. They are not dynamic and they do not change. They are however shared IP addresses. This means that you cannot use the IP address to pull up your site because other domain names maybe using it. Our IIS 7 directs http request to the proper root base off the http header names not the IP address. If you order our Max plan and enable the SSL feature which comes with the Max plan, then you will get a unique IP address in which case you can use that unique IP address to pull up your site from a browser.
  5. Gofer01

    Gofer01 Amateur Web Application Developer

    SSL Certificate

    I do know the difference between a Share IP Address and a Static IP address.

    So how do you get around not offering a Static IP for a price when the costumer witch might be me having there own SSL Certificate.

    From my understanding. A SSL Certificate requires a static IP to the domain that the certificate was issue to. I'm not positive on this but I can submit a ticket to the company that issued the SSL certificate to the domain that I'm concidering on moving to Winhost Web Server.

    I don't even know if I can move my current SSL Certificate. They might have to re-issue me another SSL Certificate if I make a decision to move to Winhost Web Server
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  6. A unique IP (static IP) is provided when you install an SSL certificate so you are able to use SSLs. These do not have any extra charges, but you can only get a Unique IP when you want to use the certificate.

    You may want to contact the SSL vendor and see if they can re-key the SSL for you to use on the new server.
  7. Ray


    I think the wording is getting lost in this thread. I'm pretty sure the main discussion is between Unique IP and Shared IP and not Static IP and Dynamic IP. Just to be clear, regardless whether the IP address is 'Shared' or 'Unique' they are both 'Static'. We do not associate any of our accounts with Dynamic IP addresses.

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