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  1. I'm looking into purchasing a new hosting account through Winhost (brand new account, billing, etc.) - this will be just for a single domain and application.

    I will need SSL as well, but here's my question - if I have SSL attached to an application, is HTTPS optional? What I want to do is allow the regular site content to be delivered via HTTP (not secure), but the "admin" directory (which is part of the same application - not a separate application or subdomain) does require HTTPS.

    I can handle the redirect on my end to redirect users from to, but I want to make sure that even with the SSL cert on, users can still navigate to without any issues. Since "require SSL" is an option in IIS, I want to make sure that option is not forced to be on.

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  2. Elshadriel

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    Yes, you can deliver content both via HTTP and HTTPS. Just don't check the "Require SSL" option in IIS.
  3. Great, thanks. I didn't realize I could use IIS Manager directly instead of the web interface. That will help out quite a bit.
  4. Elshadriel

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    Yep, you can, and this Knowledge Base article provides the instructions you need to know in order to connect.
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