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  1. Hello,
    I am running Winhost max. I have an ssl cert for my domain. Currently I have 1 domain, but if I were to add others (using a redirect script in my root to point to a subfolder for each additional domain), could I also buy additional ssl certs for each domain?

    In order to do this, would it be necessary for each additional domain to have their own dedicated IP address - if so do you offer this also?

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  2. curtis

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    If a domain requires ssl, then it needs to be signed up as a max or ultimate plan. SSL will not work for a domain pointer.
  3. Ray


    Actually we do support Multi-domain names on one SSL certificate. Therefore you can have your domain pointer be covered under the SSL certificate. The misunderstanding you may have is to think that each domain name on the SSL certificate will have it's own Unique/Dedicated IP address. That is wrong. All you need is to have a Unique/Dedicated IP address associated to the root. But to clarify, if you are going to have a SSL installed and enabled on your account, regardless whether the SSL certificate carries one common name or multiple common names (Multi-Domain certificate) you will need to be on the Max or Ultimate plan.
    Just keep in mind that SSL certificates has it's own separate cost. And a typical SSL certificate with a single common name will be cheaper then a Multi-Domain certificate. The same is true for a Wild Card certificates. Wild Card SSL certificates are pricier then ordinary single common names SSL certificates.
  4. How do you order the cert for multiple domains through Winhost?
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  5. We don't offer UCC (Unified Communications Certificate - the one that can cover up to 100 domains) certificates, if that's what you're referring to.

    We offer wildcard certificates, which cover subdomains, but only on one primary domain.
  6. Do you support UCC certs from other CAs? I have a UCC, can I use it here at Winhost?
  7. FredC

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    We should be able to install the cert for you... no guarantee though.

    Create a support ticket and we can try it.
  8. I own 2 single domain SSL certificates right now. They were bought a few months apart. In my situation I can't use both at once on the same site.

    To be able to manage multiple CSR and certificates within the same site would be a good alternative to buying a more expensive Multi-domain certificate.

    Alternatively, I would be okay with using IIS > Server Certificates to manually generate CSRs and manage certificates from within IIS. Not sure if that's doable or not over shared hosting.
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    If you want to use the two different SSL Certificates for the two different domain names. You will need to open two different site accounts on the Max or Ultimate plan. Then we can go ahead and import them for you. Just open a ticket with our support department and ask them to import the SSL Certificate.

    Please be sure to provide the SSL Certificate in pfx format. It must contain the public and private key.

    Also provide us with the password for that pfx file with the common name.
  10. Create a support ticket and we can try it. :)
  11. If I want to secure both and with a single, multi-domain certificate, what do I type into the Common Name (shown in attached image with the ???) field?

    From what I understand, this should *not* require a wildcard certificate.

    I'm on the Max plan.

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