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  1. Hello,

    I prefer to setup my e-mail clients using a SSL connection. When traveling and using a hotel e-mail connection it ensures you are really sending mail using the right server. I have found some Hotel systems try and redirect outgoing smtp through their servers. At least that is what I think is going on. With my last hosting provider I never had any problems once I switched to SSL connections.

    Plus with e-mail being the key to all my other accounts I prefer my password be sent back and forth over a secure connection.

    Winhost does not currently offer SSL connections for their POP and SMTP access. They do offer it for their web client access.

    Winhost support confirmed that this is not currently available and suggested I post to the forums to see of other users would use SSL access.

    So here is the post. Am I the only one who would use SSL access for POP and SMTP or are their others out there?


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  2. yes

    I think all of us would like secure e-mail.

    At least for those of us who purchased a security certificate we should be able to use it for our own mail without having to go through a complicated setup process.
  3. Is that currently possible, even if a little complicated? I had not considered that to be an option.
  4. 1000 times yes. I have a bunch of accounts in mail that I sync. I manually turn off my Winhost hosted accounts when I'm travelling because I don't want the world to know my password!

    PLEASE implement this Winhost!!
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  5. Any update?

    I would also like to use secure email from smarter mail. Its not smart to use NON SSL setups. ;)
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'm going to move this to the Suggestions section of the forum so that our Marketing guys are sure to see it.
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  8. can you suggestions me how to create SMTP ?

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