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  1. mwudka

    mwudka Guest

    I have a few quick questions about the sql hosting:

    1) I assume it is SQL Server 2008 and not Express?
    2) Is fulltext indexing enabled?
    3) Do you allow filestream?
    4) Do you allow some or the more exotic features like SOAP endpoints, spatial indexes, etc?
    5) Is the 500 MB quota shared between all 5 databases (max plan of course)?
    6) Can I create multiple users for the 5 databases?

    And on another note:
    6) Can I move from the basic to the max plan?
    7) Do you support full trust?
    8) Is p/invoke allowed?
    9) Do you support web.config encryption?

    Sorry to bug you with some many questions, but these are all deal breakers or very nice to have.
  2. FredC

    FredC Winhost Staff

    See answers in line.

  3. mwudka

    mwudka Guest

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  4. Ray


    I just checked with our DBA and full text indexing is supported. Also 'spatial indexes' is supported just not SOAP endpoints.

    I'll double check with our SA to see if p/invoke is allowed. But it would help if you give us an idea on exactly what you are trying to accomplish with p/invoke.
  5. mwudka

    mwudka Guest

    Glad to hear the feature list doesn't lie ;-).

    In my case I use p/invoke to call the resource management win32 calls. I have an exe file which contains some resources, and I use the win32 calls to replace those resources with other contents and then send the file to the user. The exe never runs serverside. I'm running a prototype on DiscountASP with no problem.

    Also, another question I have is whether

    I forgot 3 other things:
    Can asp.net pages running on Winhost can connect to a sql server in a different datacenter.

    Do you allow ASP.net pages to read/write to files on disk?

    Is there a mechanism for password protecting directories?
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  6. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    For your 3 things:

    You can connect to an outside sql server but you should clear it with the DBA at the outside datacenter. It'll depend if they allow an incoming connection.

    Yes, we allow asp.net pages to read/write.

    You can use either IIS7 manager or ASP.NET authentication for password protection.
  7. Yes, calling COM objects in .NET with p/invoke is supported. Of course, calls that require system administration priviledges will not work. We also do not support installation of custom COM objects.
  8. Manic

    Manic Guest


    So if p/inovke is allowed and full trust is allowed, then SQLite library (http://sqlite.phxsoftware.com/) sould work when placed in bin folder?
  9. Ray


    I just checked with our SA's and I'm afraid SQlite is not supported on our shared hosting servers.
  10. FredC

    FredC Winhost Staff

    well actually.. we haven't try bin deploy sqllite. i suggest you give it a try and see if it works.

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