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  1. Hi,

    In Basic plan SQL DB Size is 100MB. Disk Web Space 1000MB. Cant we adjust as follows
    For SQL DB 600MB and hosting disk space to 500MB ?

    Thank You
  2. Ray


    No, we cannot do that. That is because the web server and SQL server are on separate boxes. So we just can simple allocate disk space from web pages to a SQL database.
  3. Then cant we get a package by decreasing web hosting space and increasing db space for same price as basic paln.

    In practical environment we need higher db space than web space.
  4. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Our plans are set. They are not changing at this time. We are not going to make custom plans as that can easily become a nightmare to manage. What are you storing in the database that makes it so large?
  5. Yes, when it will grow it may go upto 300 or 400 MB.

    Thank you for quick reply.
  6. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    then the Max plan should be fine for you.
  7. Yes I can understand that MAX plan will suite for me. But I concern about price. and I will have free unused space about 600MB from web hosting space (mostly never be used but paying).

    My suggestion is, in practical environments db space is required more, because it is growing day by day.

    Any way thank you for your response.
  8. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    web site disk space and sql disk space are different as they are on different servers and they are not interchangable. check around, i've never seen a host offer more sql disk space than website disk space. I've seen hosts that offer both website and sql on the same disk space because they host them on the same server but do you want to take that security risk?
  9. I am not asking to interchange web space and sql space which is on different servers. Idea is we need more db space than web space. Therefore 1000MB web space will not fully utilized. It is better to have more db space. Increase physical disk space in SQL servers than Web servers.
  10. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    We understand what you desire. However, our hosting plans are set and we are not going to change it. The vast majority of sites do not require bigger sql database than web space disk space - as seen in practically every hosting company out there.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Is there any way to get additional database space?
    How would be the pricing for the extra space?

    I would like to know if I'm going to be covered if my database grows over the limits of a plan.

    never mind.
    I saw the answer here:

    It doesn't fit my needs if I cannot grow my database unlimitless even if it is for a fee.
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  12. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    What are you storing in the database that makes it so large?
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I agree with the general theme here of requiring more SQL space than WEB space.
    I have a dedicated host, and saw your site, and was tempted to switch some of my sites to be hosted here. But unless there's another plan(higher cost ?) that includes more SQL space, like 1000MB or more, it's not an option to switch.

    I was planning to have the one plan for each domain.
    A typical SQL DB size for me now is 400MB, so i would need a 1000MB space to grow in.
  14. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    What are you storing in the database that makes it so large?
  15. Good question.

    If your database is a gig you're either doing something wrong or you're running a site that is so large and/or busy that it doesn't belong on a five dollar hosting plan.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yes, it is a good question.
    My DB size used to be about 150MB, then i added indexes as suggested by the 'missing indexes' area of SQL. My DB went up to 400MB.
    And no, it's not a busy site, just a lot of historical data.

    SQLExpress used to offer a max DB size of 4000MB.

    Are u including log file size in these SQL limits ?

    Hypothetically, if u had, say a $20 plan with say 1000MB for SQL, that would be a no-brainer for me.
    That's because i have companion test domains for each hosted domain, so that means 2 DB's for each domain. So i would allow 500MB each.
    I would host only the one domain(with it's companion testing domain) in the one plan.
  17. Ray


    No, we do not including the transaction log as part of the database space provided to your account. It is purely your database files.
    If you think that your database will grow larger (within GB's) then maybe you may want to consider setting up your SQL express to be connected remotely. This of course means that you will have to set it up, and get a unique IP address on your own local area network. This does give you a larger degree of flexibility and control and at the same time keeping your hosting cost down. I'm not sure what your ISP will charge you for an unique IP address but it maybe an avenue worth looking into.

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