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  1. Hi folks. This is a non profit site designed for showcasing the sponsors of a sports team. The basic idea here is that a sponsor supports the team with equipment in return for a direct link to the purchase point of the gear on the teams website. (The website is just one aspect of a broad media platform using Facebook, YouTube and on site promotional materials to generate interest in the equipment). The site is brand new and getting a great response from the people approached so far.

    Most sports teams use a website to promote themselves first. The idea of this site is to promote the gear and it's suppliers first while keeping the team strongly in the background.

    It's a deliberately simple site and meant to convey a professional quality with clean lines and a minimum of distractions. A visitor is meant to quickly click on an equipment link.
  2. Copper,

    I really like you site, you got some good images showing off some sweet PB gear.

    I didn't even know they had magazines for PB markers!

    I’m sure this is because you are still working on it, but if I had any critical comment to offer it would be that the orange “Sponsored Link” links on the main page do not seem to lead anywhere.
  3. ComputerMan

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    That site is really well done! Great color and navigation is really easy.
  4. This is an impressive site! The design is spot on, navigation is easy and logical, great job!


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