So is this site legit?

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  1. I am just wondering because it seems like a really good deal. The main reason im iffy about it is because their is a Trojan out their called Winhost.exe and the site is close to that name. Sounds stupid, but just wondering XD.

    Thanks to anyone who responds.
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  2. The site is legit, yes. Does it look like it was built by some trojan dinks? ;)

    Check out the Control Panel demo. No out-of-the-box CP, it was all written in-house.
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  3. Lol no i was just wondering, Just trying to avoid any problems that i can haha. Not trying to accuse you guys of anything. I tried to google reviews for this site and not much came up, just on a hosting review site, and a bunch of sites talking about the Winhost.exe thing.

    It also doesn't have a green check mark with the google search, just a gray question mark. I know this means no checks have been made yet, but still makes me wonder.
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  4. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Well, we are a new host so you won't find much reviews out there just yet. But we've gotten some great positive feedback thus far. I hope you do try us out. We run month to month so we don't commit you to any long term contracts.
  5. My only reservation was that there really is no company information at all. You have a private registration for your domain, and don't include a company type (LLC, Inc, etc) anywhere. Both of which kind of gives the feel of a couple of guys running servers out of their garage.

    But I will say that so far I have liked the service.
  6. Hello Sean. No garage, and there are more than a couple of us here. The Control Panel was developed in house, the marketing strategy was developed and is being run in house, and all the support and system administration is done in house.

    We're all here in California waiting for everyone on earth to sign up so we don't seem like newbies anymore. ;)
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  7. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    We understand that the private domain may appear suspect, but I assure you that we are legit. We decided to use the private domain because some of us had some not-so-pleasant experiences when working at other hosting companies. We had a few customers drop by the office with a floppy disk (yes, a floppy disk!) or CD of their site and wanted us to upload it for them or the time our staff was stopped in the office parking lot late at night by a customer who wanted to write a check for their hosting account.
  8. ...or a customer walking in the door with his laptop, complaining that he has "a problem uploading my site with FrontPage." The receptionist called me and it sounded like trouble, so I sent an unsuspecting support rep down to deal with the guy. 45 minutes later he came back upstairs and thanked me as sarcastically as he could for sending him blindly into that situation.

    Hey, you have to get your laughs somewhere.

    Yes, these things really happen. And no, it's not okay to show up at your host's office with your laptop and a problem. We love you. Just not like that.
  9. Guys, thanks for your honesty and funny stories. You should create a site just for hosting company horror stories... :)
  10. Gofer01

    Gofer01 Amateur Web Application Developer

    hmm PR skills needs some workings on. No question is dumb. It might look dumb to you. But the person asking the question. They might be serious with the question.

    As a Rep of Winhost you can't appear to disrespect a costomer or potental costomer.
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  11. We never intended the response to talk down upon the customer, but rather made a funny about the question, dawg.

    We did respond to the customers question, joke or no joke, and you'll find the customer not only replied with a positive attitude (which we all have here) and initiated a good conversation. Maybe you're trying to find something negative in our responses, or our responses are not your typical style.

    How else can we prove that we're a legit company than showing our custom made CP? Not a lot of companies will do this, as some of those "not-so-serious" companies will always try to use pre-made CPs because they do not feel like putting that much effort into their own offerings. We on the other hand have made a CP that is both unique and fits our style, which is a big accomplishment.
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  12. Gofer01

    Gofer01 Amateur Web Application Developer

    WebHost is running off of Internap Web Servers out of Pasedena CA. This doesn't mean WibHost is located in that City. This means there web server is in that City.

    The Network traffic to there site the last hop is 109ns. it should be between 50ns to 75ns. a little slow in fact to the DNS server it was 63ns. It should have ben in the 30ns range.

    To be fair the network traffic can fluxuate a great deal. Very possible the slowness can be at my end on my down stream connection with ComCast.

    The expeties of the Supports staff can be inprove. Expessially with the thread on NS. The person that brought up SOA in the tread had no clue what a SOA does. The costomer wanted his own NS. The rep gave him sound advise on using his own domain as a NS. The rep could have told him on how to create a Vitural NS through a CNAME record. But that as issues there also with e-mail to the domain. So in the end the rep did give good sound advise. If it were me being the rep. I would have give the costomer all of his options. Tell him the good points and then the bad points of each option and let the costomer make up his own mind.

    They do have a working SSL Certificate with Equifax. It is Wildcard Cert. 1024bit Strenght. This Cert is not cheap. The certicate expires in 7/12/10. I ran that SSL Cert through my company that gave me my SSL Cert. They couldn't verify that WebHost is a business.


    This Hosting Company is not a Fly-By-Night operation. There web site is put together well. I have no idea why they selected this forum software. There is better ASPX free forum software out there.

    There Avertisment budget is high. The way they found me took money. How did they find you. They have a high end SSL Certificate. All this information tells me this is a startup Company. To start up a company in these times is tough. And the services that they offer is great.

    So the question for me is will I hire this Web Server to host my domain. The answer is yes. I like the little guy over the big guy. My current contract ends at the end of April 2010. This will be the time I switch web servers to WebHost.

  13. Ray


    Thanks Mike, constructive criticism is always welcomed. We try to keep the forum engaged and active so I guess some times our responses may need a little polishing. I for one, hate giving copy/paste responses, and I know some of the questions come from sources that maybe new to the intricacy of web hosting and the internet so I try to water down my responses, and try to substitute big technical words with common everyday phrases. Its not that I'm trying to not show respect to someone, I'm just trying to make sure they get the point to what I'm trying to suggest. From what I've seen, sometimes the simplest answer maybe inefficient; but it can get the job done. Hopefully down the road that person realizes there maybe a more efficient way of doing it, and comes back to the forum and post the question. In which case I'll try to reply the best I can at a viable solution. Now, I in no means know everything. In fact I've been called out on a couple of postings on this forum that my response was wrong, and after some research on my part, I have to admit they are right. My response was wrong. But I always try to keep due diligence and put honest active research in my responses. I'm going to have to admit though, that I do have an advantage here. I do have some highly skilled technical people I work with that offers tips, and solutions for me. Maybe I should start giving due credit to some of my responses? :)
  14. Gofer01

    Gofer01 Amateur Web Application Developer

    Domain Name: Winhost.COM
    Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server: NS1.Winhost.COM
    Name Server: NS2.Winhost.COM
    Name Server: NS3.Winhost.COM
    Status: clientDeleteProhibited
    Status: clientRenewProhibited
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Status: clientUpdateProhibited
    Updated Date: 25-aug-2009
    Creation Date: 31-oct-2000
    Expiration Date: 31-oct-2015

    To find the owner of will cost you $39.95 with a web site that finds people and businesses.
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  15. Right. Which is why I discouraged them from using their domain as name servers. I will always discourage someone from using their hosted domain as name servers because technically it is not a sound practice, for reasons I stated in that thread.

    I looked at everything out there, and whatever application you're referring to was evaluated and rejected. If it bothers anyone that this is a php application, they really need to get over it. What difference does it make? We wanted to use the best, most flexible, manageable forum software available, and this is it. No big deal.


    We have been over the questions of "who is Winhost?" before here in the forum. You can dig around all you'd like, you won't find anything out there hidden in some top secret location - or any information that you have to pay for - that we haven't already said. There's nothing to find. What do you want to know? The names of the people who own the company? The names and addresses of every staff member who runs it? I'm not sure what purpose that serves. They are just names. They wouldn't mean anything to you. We've been far more forthcoming than most hosts would ever be. If we re-do the site at some point in the future and decide to add pictures of the staff, or any of that groovy, feel-good stuff, everyone will look at it and say, "Hmm, okay. Who the hell are they? Never heard of 'em. What's for lunch?"

    The "guest" posts that call everything we do into question come from the owner of a small East coast host. There is no picture of him on his hosting sites, and you will not find his name anywhere. Yet for some inexplicable reason, he feels that everyone else in the business should make themselves known! While he chooses to remain anonymous (and we keep him anonymous rather than drawing attention to him).

    Just bear that in mind when you read the posts that sound like they were made from a computer in a junior high school classroom somewhere. Then imagine a grown man sitting in an office, typing out insults aimed at a bunch of people he's never met.

    If that's not pathetic, I don't know what is. But here we are, and for some reason known only to him, we have to deal with it.

    Now what's for lunch?
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