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  1. and are currently down.
    http, ftp, secondary url dont work.
    control panel does work.
    pls fix.
    my clients are bugging me because of this frequent down time.
  2. Hello,

    Thanks for informing us about this issue. Your issue is related to scheduled maintenance that is currently happening:

    Unfortunately, service will be interrupted until this process has finished. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. I hope this information is useful in resolving your issue.


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  3. Shut down for 9 hours?!

    Who dreamed up this idea?

    Obviously you guys are having issues with "The Last Sunday of the Month" too, being that the last Sunday of the month is NEXT week!

    The post even SAYS the 31st of August, not the 24th!
  4. Mine is affected too...I read the post you linked to, and I am really surprised. Don't you have the ability to use some type of load balancing to redirect traffic to do updates on servers, and not interrupt service to users? Do I have to tell my clients that every last Wednesday of the month there could be downtime? Just surprising.

    My site has been down for almost 30 minutes now, which is kind of ridiculous.

    Just saw 'superduperdindin's post...interesting.
  5. If it's sched. maint. then that's the way it is, but to be fair the scheduled maint. referenced in that announcement is supposed to be "the last Wednesday of every month".

    The last Wednesday of this month is the 31st. Today is the 24th.

    I guess that would make this unscheduled scheduled maintenance.
  6. Shouldn't take this long!!!

    I understand scheduled maintenance, but my site has been down for over an hour now. I updated a Win 2008R2 server last week to SP1, and it took 10 minutes...I understand blips due to maintenance, but an hour is not cool.
  7. maintenance notice page

    +1 for still down...

    Pretty frustrating. Could we get at least a redirect to a 'scheduled maintenance' page in future when this happens?
  8. Our site has been down for over an hour as well.

    You would think the servers would be load balanced with failover so they can reboot servers without downtime. Thats how windows updates are applied at my work with no downtime.

    Interesting how their site still works though.

    Not to mention it was down 2 weeks ago on a Wednesday as well. Maybe try doing maintenance in the early morning hours?
  9. Two words >>>>> "high availability"

    I moved my client to Winhost because the last hosting provider had issues with their database servers.
    my client is getting annoyed. please resolve this as soon as possible thank you.
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  10. Awesome! My site has been down going on 3 hours now. WTF???

    Is Winhost some college kid with a server in his basement? It's 2011. How can a hosting service not be able to figure out how to do maintenance without taking sites down for hours at a time? Unacceptable!
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  11. Do you realise that my sites (and there are 4 of them) have been down now in our peak time.

    It is not 3am down here - it's mid afternoon - early evening.
  12. alas, might be time to migrate...

    Still down. Yeah Australian sites getting lynched by users.
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  13. absolutely ridiculous. Winhost, how do you expect to keep clients or attract new business with poor service such as this? do better.
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  14. I posted an explanation of why the updates took a while to complete last night.

    As for the timing ("It is not 3am down here - it's mid afternoon"), I'm afraid there's no good time for everyone. We have customers all over the world, and and unfortunately it is not possible to schedule maintenance at a time that is convenient for everyone. We base the maintenance window on the time of the week that traffic to our network is at its lowest, and that is Wednesday evenings (Pacific time).

    Sorry the updates took so long last night. That should not be the case in the future.
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  15. How come server reboots cause downtime?

    I manage some business critical web servers and database servers at my work and we do monthly updates which require reboots yet we have no downtime during the updates. The servers are load balanced, one goes down the other takes over the requests.

    I am shocked that a seemly popular windows hosting company such as yourself would not have that same infrastructure in place. Especially with how easy something like that is getting to implement using VM's.

    Very disappointed that it is acceptable for our site to be down 1-4 hours on any given Wednesday for something that my small company manages to prevent, and we are not a hosting company.

    1st strike was shutting down our account because our credit card expired without any attempt to notify us, now this ridiculous planned outages on any given Wednedsay. Not very happy with the service at the moment. The canned generic responses given during the outage were very frustrating and unhelpful as well.
  16. Redundant or "mirrored" servers are extremely rare in the shared hosting industry. Mirroring data on one server in an office environment is quite a different task than mirroring customer data across dozens or hundreds of (expensive, high-performance) servers.

    A lot of people want redundancy, but if you ask them if they are willing to pay a higher fee to enjoy that kind of service, the answer is usually, 'no.' Understandably, as most of us have a certain amount of price-sensitivity.

    You certainly can find hosting that will provide that kind of redundant, failover service, but it will be at costs significantly higher than our prices. And for good reason, as the costs to provide that kind of service are much higher. 100% uptime is expensive. If it's worth the added cost to you or your business, you should seek it out. But we do not position ourselves as a 100% uptime service.


    Having said that, as it turns out, there was an IP binding issue (an issue Microsoft has known about for some time) after the reboots on Wednesday night, and that's what caused the longer than usual maintenance outage. We were under the impression that bug was fixed, which is why we didn't do our normal IP binding checks after WSUS ran, and that was our fault. We should have checked even though we were lead to believe the IP binding was no longer an issue. So that was our mistake. We won't make it again.
  17. Looks like you right, like a college kid with a server in basement :p
    I have no other idea why hosting service cannot do maintenance without taking sites down for hours :(
  18. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    If you are having any issues, please contact our technical support team.

    I can assure you that our servers are not in some basement.
    And most of us here are WAY past college and would probably lie about our ages. :)
  19. Do you realise that my sites (and there are 4 of them) have been down now in our peak time.
  20. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Please contact our tech support team, if you are still having issues.

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