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Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by Javier, Mar 16, 2021.

  1. Site is down - can't even reach
  2. Same here... everything is down, except this forum.
  3. Yup, everything went down. All four of my sites went offline, support page offline, cpanel offline, everything.

    It's be real cool if they tweeted or something, or had some status page somewhere that would tell us wtf is happening when we can't contact our sites with any method, can't send/receive mail, ftp, etc.

    Good news is that things seem to be coming back online now.
  4. My site still can't connect to my database (which is hosted somewhere else). Their site is slow, but I am able to log in. Looks like it's network issues and they are slowly coming back
  5. Aaaaand down again.

    Maybe it's time to move to Azure.
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    There is a network issue that we are investigating. We will be posting updates in the outages forum.
  7. FortyPoundHead - on a different thread you wrote "When our sites are offline, we can twiddle DNS to point to another space for a "friendlier offline message" or other resource, rather than jarring our users with "404 - Holy Crap!" messages."
    Can you provide details how to "twiddle DNS to point to another space"?
  8. My DNS is running via Google DNS with a 5 minute TTL, which simply forwards to Winhost DNS. I can set up a "maintenance page" somewhere else, change the Google DNS to point at my maintenance page. When the outage passes, I flip Google DNS back to the original settings.
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  9. Thanks!!!
  10. Aaaand down again.. at UTC Date/Time On UTC Date/Time - Thursday, 18 March 2021 4:08 PM but since I don't have $$ to burn at Azure, i'll stay here for a little bit longer :)
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