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Discussion in 'Third-party applications' started by jdeniz, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Hi there,

    I'm already hosting a website with you and everything is working like a charm.

    Now I'm facing a bigger project that relies on Sitefinity CMS ( Do you guys support sitefiny CMS?.

    I think there should not have a problem but, before start deploying my solution I'd like to know your opinion and if you have tested any web CMS in your server.

    And this could be a general question for all Winhost customers, is anybody using a web CMS hosted in Winhost?


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  2. Ray


    We should support Sitefinity on the Winhost servers. You may want to create a subfolder as a test and make sure you set that folder as an application folder and upload your Sitefinity into it.

    Be wary with web.config inheritance as they tend to cause problems. So you may want to set the root web.config with inheritance=false.
    As for other accounts hosting CMS apps; I really can't say which of our customers are using one, but Sitefinity is a .Net application so I really do not foresee any problems hosting it.
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  3. Thank's for your quick reply and advice.

    I'll give it a try.

    As soon as I get the results of my tests (next week) I'll post them here.

  4. Thanks Jorge!
  5. As expected, not problem at all.

    Just deployed a sitefinity based web site and everything worked smooth....

    I just had to configure the site with "Full trust"

    You can say: Winhost is "Sitefinity friendly"

    And I can say, Winhost is the best hosting out there. After years dealing with godaddy, 1&1, discountasp and others, finally I've found a hosting company that works!.

    you can't know how much time I've spent dealing with the support departments of others hosting services...

    I think I am just going to start migrating all my sites right now...
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  6. No problems with Sitefinity for me either, have a production site up and running with no down time at all so far, will be bringing another site online over the next couple of months.
  7. jdeniz and marka, that's what we love to hear!

    jdeniz, I'd like to copy your post over to the testimonials forum if you're okay with that (actually, I already did it, but if you want me to remove it I will).
  8. Hank, you are welcome!
  9. Thanks a lot!
  10. Just a little update about sitefinity support.

    You need the max plan because the 100MB of the basic plan are just a bit short for running a sitefinity web site.

  11. That's not surprising. Most CMS are not developed to run on a system with any resource restrictions. And the majority of shared hosts do not isolate applications pools on a per user basis, which means memory hungry applications may run better, but your neighbors on the server pay the price.

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